I looked high and low for automated blog tools which provided a set of functionality that I predefined, and believe that I have been able to find every possible automated blog tool that exists today. I assume that they actually run multiple blog as their income resource and pay some writers from outsource. This is what you can not do as beginner.

With blogs and make money with affiliate programs and advertising networks are not sufficient. People are so innovative that wanted to automate everything online, including profit. Using these products you can easily put up 2 or more new blogs per day and build an extensive network of highly keyword relevant niche market websites. And once they are set up, there is absolutely nothing else you need to do.

There are couple plugins that let you automatically post to your WordPress blog from an RSS, ATOM, or other XML feeds. You can preserve categories, give proper author attribution, do find and replace, caching, and publish in excerpts or full feeds!

Autoblogs are great for building up large sites with fresh, natural content with many internal links plus external links to relevant content. Although autoblogs have a bad reputation in general, this script tries to be courteous to other webmasters and to build useful web sites with legitimate visitors. Some WordPress plugin makes it easy for you to do that, even if the blog youre pulling from isn’t using WordPress. Or perhaps you’re running a network of WPMU sites as a news media aggregator and you want to pull in the latest local crime stories to a crime subdirectory and the latest financial news to finance. That’s really awesome way to start an automatic niche blog.

Simply you set up the autoblog plugin on keywords and it grabs the related content from article sites, RSS feeds and other ways automatically posting those to your blog in a selected time by you. You do not have to spend time on writing posts. The combination of the WordPress Auto Blog plus WordPress Rewriter can be a steady little income source but everything depends on the subject and how hard you as webmaster are willing to work. In general your can say unique content = traffic = advertisement = cash.? Cash you need to pay and you receive again, online business means investing before earning! It is an automated content generator for your WordPress blog.