Combining Affiliate Marketing With a MLM Network

If you have been a student of internet marketing for any length of time, you probably know how effective affiliate marketing can be. But did you know the knockout power you can have when you combine affiliate marketing with a solid MLM Network?

Before we get started lets explain just what affiliate marketing is. Basically affiliate marketing is where you get paid when you refer someone to a product and they then purchase that product. Most merchants have a standard rate of pay, either a flat amount or a percentage of the product sales price. This is a great system that allows you to make money without having to sell your own product and handle all the hassels that go along with actually being the merchant.

So how do you combine affiliate marketing with a MLM network? Very simple and a good question!

Listen closely, I will be sharing in very simple terms the exact system I use to build my MLM team, and receive over 8 checks per month – all profit outside my primary MLM business.

Step one: Generate your own leads.

Step two: Build a relationship with those leads over time using a email autoresponder.

Step three: Review other products that these leads might be interested in purchasing, with you as the affiliate. When they purchase you make money!

If building your own system seems like to much work, there are turnkey solutions available for you to simply “plug into”. Just be sure that the system you choose allows you to promote your own business as well!

If this sounds like a better way to build your MLM business, visit the link in the resource box below and get started…