Smart Passive income is revenue that doesn`t imply direct involvement. It is the kind of income where, without actually working an asset gives you money over time. This usually refers to owning rental property, obtaining financial gains from creative work, marketing over the internet or inventing a new product. This way, by just creating a one time advantage, an individual may obtain profit easily without much effort in the future.

If you are starting a new project or even if you are running it for some time, the faster you think about how to transform your business into one that creates residual income, the sooner you can get to have financial freedom and achieve a state of personal benefit without much effort.

When approaching ways of becoming financially independent without much effort we have to stop thinking just to obtain smart passive income. The goal of each individual should be obtaining smart passive income. Let’s take a look over how smart passive income works:

Smart passive activity is the kind of work where after you provide a service or do a job one time you get money for a longer period of time. While thinking how this residual income works we realize that if we apply the same parameters as in normal working conditions we just provide a service that is paid over a longer amount of time. Taking into consideration economic laws we have to understand if the money we receive in the future is enough to be worth the amount of work we did at that one time.

For example let’s imagine that an individual created a business. As the business evolved it reached its peak and no further development could be produced. If the individual hires a manager to take his place and just maintain the project on a positive cash flow he then obtains money without actually working. The question here is if the work this individual performed until he passed on his business to the manager is worth his effort. In order to realize if this kind of passing to recurring income is what we have to compare it to financial income.

Therefore we have to take smart decisions as going for a passive type of income is not always the best solution. Even if we have to take care not to get too excited in these kind of ideas usually smart passive income is the best way to turn your business and live happily in Hawaii while others work for you.