Follow the SMART Money Not the Dumb Money

What would you say is the number one mistake that most people are doing online? I’ll tell you exactly that. They’re following the dumb money and not the smart money. And I’m gonna clarify that. It’s like the blind following the blind, the dumb following the dumb, the mitts following the mitts, they’re doing it all day long, it’s happening as you’re reading right now. People follow people, they listen to people that have provided no proof that they can make money, they listen to people that provide no proof that what they’re instructing them to do, they’ve accomplished themselves, and they’re ignoring the people who are providing them information that have the proof that they can accomplish what they’re saying can be done. I think you have to follow the smart money, you have to follow it with a full commitment, meaning that if this is what they’re doing, then duplicate the success so you can have success. In other words duplicate the marketing model for success in your business. The thing is, follow the smart money.

And whatever you do, there’s no circumstances should you ever allow yourself to follow the wisdom, if you want to call it that, from somebody who has not provided the proof that what they’re saying they have not accomplished themselves. Seriously, because that’s devastating, you want to qualify guys. It’s proven success. Find proven success. I’ve proven my success, Steven Stryska has proven his success, James DeNatale has proven his success… those are people who you should model yourself after, their business model, the methods they’re using, don’t follow the people who aren’t making money. And if they’re doing different methods, and not making money, then can it!! Don’t do that! If you’re using services that aren’t making money and they’re getting their jollies off by lying and promising and not delivering, and it seems like they’re not being productive and there’s no sense of direction or a sense of purpose, ya know, then stand, leave, get out of that service. Find what works.

I know its a long answer. What I’m saying, follow the smart money, not the dumb money. Every business has to go through this cycle, they have to go through this process. Ya know, don’t get discouraged, you’re gonna have your pitfalls, you’re gonna have your snags, ya know that’s all par for the course… every single person that’s successful on the internet, they’re not one hundred percent, everything they did, did not work. So don’t be discouraged if something doesn’t work out for you.