Getting Good Results With a Wells Fargo Loan Modification – Here’s How to Go About the Process!

The United States is still in the depths of economic recession, and that spells trouble for many homeowners. Unemployment is at an all-time high, as are people who are taking forced pay cuts or decreased work weeks. Less household income means less ability to pay your monthly mortgage bill on time. One of your alternative repayment options for your mortgage is loan modification. If you’re a Wells Fargo customer, this is what you need to know about getting good results with a Wells Fargo loan modification – here’s how to go about the process.

First, check out their website or talk to a Wells Fargo representative about your options. They have several alternate repayment plans available for struggling homeowners, and no single one is right for everybody. If you’re most interested in loan modification, you have two options: the Wells Fargo modification program, or the federal government’s Making Home Affordable plan.

With Wells Fargo modification plans, the loan note is actually altered. The past-due amounts and interest is added to the unpaid principle of the loan, and the balance is then recalculated to be repaid over a new loan term. That gives you a fresh start in repaying on your greatest financial asset – your home. Wells Fargo has the necessary forms and paperwork available to start your loan modification application. Before you speak to a customer service representative about your situation, have your pay stubs and income verification handy for reference.

The other option is the government’s Making Home Affordable plan. Making Home Affordable is open to homeowners with a first home on which they owe less than $729,750, and their total monthly payment amounts to more than 31{9e6afc18e04fc5fa66224b06488e691531267e3d6804b0d35af7d6b75debefc2} of their gross monthly income. A Making Home Affordable loan modification will have to be applied for through the federal government, which then notifies and works with Wells Fargo to get you a modification. Not all loans are eligible, so the first step is to use their calculator to see if you qualify for help.

These two options are essentially routes to doing the same thing – getting out from under your mortgage and making monthly payments again without fear that you won’t be able to keep your home. The point of any modification, whether through Wells Fargo or through the federal government with Wells’s help, is to avoid foreclosure and keep your home.