Gold and Silver Investments This Navratri and Dussehra

Navratri & Dussehra is a joyous occasion for numerous people for many reasons. But from an investors perspective one should look out for exciting offers and deals that generally come up this festive season. Generally during this time most retail investment brokerage firms come up with exciting offers on various financial products to attract target clients. Most prominent products included in promotional offers are the E-series method of commodities investment i.e. E-gold and E-Silver through NSEL platform. Thus there is every reason for investors to cheer as this is a very good time to buy into these products.

With Physical Gold and Silver prices being extremely high one would be taking a big risk by directly investing in the purchase of the same as there is always the risk of theft and purity of metal delivered.

Hence one can always take advantage of purchasing these commodities through the E-Series of Investments in commodities. Many financial broking firms that deal with providing a platform for commodity investment are coming up with innovative concepts to leverage on this festive mood this season.

The Indian buying sentiment is strong with a major {9e6afc18e04fc5fa66224b06488e691531267e3d6804b0d35af7d6b75debefc2} portion being driven by cultural and emotional impulsive buying, hence irrespective of the market price of these commodities people would still buy them (Gold & Silver) this year.

Apart from the popular E-series of investments, Investors can look at investing in gold though the gold ETF route. Here the major critical difference being that investing in the Gold ETF route doesn’t require one to open a separate Demat Account and it is ideal from longer investment perspective.

For the laymen who wants to invest in gold it would be best first to invest though the SIP route of investments in either of Gold or Silver and this he can do by approaching an empanelled Depository Participant with the Exchange.

I am advising a SIP methodology of Investment as simply put it’s a sip by sip method towards wealth creation in the longer run, and ideal for people who want to make gold and silver as part of their portfolio. More specifically these commodities do the important part of balancing the portfolio in a suitable manner to ensure that risk and loss is mitigated for the investor in the long run. Thus I would like to conclude by saying that with the commodity market opening up there is every reason for the investor to cheer as in the upcoming festive months he would be treated with excellent offers to invest in his favorite commodities.


1. Views as are mentioned in the article are personal views of Author and nothing to link with Co., its Director and Employees.

2. All investments are subject to market risk and you need to consult your financial advisor/consultant before investment