Make Money With Top Five Forex Trading Brokers

Forex Trading is a highly volatile industry where money can be made and lost within seconds. Hence it is very important to be armed with the latest information and the best tools to ensure that you always enjoy a winning streak in this market. The best way to go about making profits here is by employing the services of an online Forex broker; this automated tool can be of immense help in providing you with real time information, data, charts and other tools to help you make handsome profits.

Let me take you through the top five Forex brokers available online these days;

Easy Forex

This online Forex broker has received the highest rating in the recent times as it provides the subscriber with a whole array of tools like charts, news, financial calendar, trade controller, SMS alert service, limit controller, daily outlook and currency rate matrix. You can also set up a demo account before subscribing to the service to find out if the system is to your liking and preference. A minimum deposit of only hundred dollars is required to start trading and this automated broker offers three pips as a spread for major pairs. You can also choose from over hundred different pairs of international currencies to trade.

Forex Yard

A demo account can be set up with this online broker too before making the minimum deposit of hundred dollars to start trading. Tools like daily outlook, news, charts and interest rates table is provided but not inside viewer and trade controller which is available only with Easy Forex. Training programs are also provided free of cost and using this broker, you can also trade in gold and oil to reap in rich dividends. Service is good with a 24/7 toll free customer service and you can also live chat if required.


This is also a good online Forex trading broker and offers the same tools as the above two except interest rates table, inside viewer and trade controller. You only have to make a minimum deposit of fifty dollars to start an account here. Unlike the other two online brokers, this one has to be downloaded to start trading instead of going online. Customer service is excellent and you can use online banking, wire transfer or credit card to make payments.


With Avafx, you can avail most of the services as of Easy Forex except for trade controller and a minimum deposit of hundred dollars has to be made to start trading. The facility for opening a demo account is also available with this online broker. You can choose from over fifty currency pairs to trade and you can either go online or download the application to carry out trading.


The last but not the least is FxCast, an online Forex trading broker which offers round the clock customer service in many languages. The minimum deposit for opening an account is incredibly low to the tune of only ten dollars. You can use wire transfer or online banking to make and receive payments and periodic training programs are also available to help you keep abreast with all the information about the Forex market.