Teenage Auto Insurance – How to Get Cheap Teen Car Insurance Quotes

Nowadays, statistics on teenage drivers doesn’t look too good. Those who are still minors (16 year olds) get into accidents six times more than drivers who are between the ages of 30 and 59. This is the very reason why teenage auto insurance is very expensive.

The good news is not all car insurance companies generalize on this data and expect the same outcome from all young drivers. In fact, there are insurance companies that provide parents of teenagers with teenage auto insurance that help them cut costs.

The only thing they have to remember is that the higher the risk, then the higher the cost of the teenage auto insurance. So what they can do on their end as parents is to talk to their teenagers about driving.

Here are some suggestions on how you can help decrease the price of teenage auto insurance. It will also keep your teenager away from violating his or her license.

1. Help your teenager to learn the rules and guide them to do these to the letter. The best way to lower the cost of teenager auto insurance is to teach them how to have a clean driving record. Be an example for them. You should know what the rules are so that you can teach these to your children. Your teenager will also observe you observing them.

2. Put your teenager on your policy. This is a better way us opposed to filing up for a single independency for your teenager. Put them on your policy as an additional driver. This is if you decide not to opt for teenage auto insurance. If you do this, then you just have to make sure that the discounts that have been applied to your policy will be transferred to them.

3. Encourage your teenager to get good grades. Insurance companies offer cheaper teenage auto insurance if the teenager has a 3.0 GPA. Just think of how much you can save from a 10{9e6afc18e04fc5fa66224b06488e691531267e3d6804b0d35af7d6b75debefc2} discount on the premium. You can give this money to your teenager. This has two results. One, it gives a reward for his scholastic performance. Two, it motivates him or her to keep getting good grades.

4. Enroll your teenager in driver education courses. Teenage auto insurance are cheaper if the individual applying for it has received driving classes from credible driving schools. However, call your car insurance company first so you would know which driving schools they credit.

5. Don’t buy a sports car for your teenager. Just because you didn’t have one growing up, it means that you can buy one for your teenager. Get your teenager a safe car to drive with the latest safety equipment.

This will lower the price. You will save money on your insurance and your teenager won’t be tempted to drive fast as well.

6. You have to keep the child informed of teenage auto insurance. Talk to him or her on how much the insurance costs. This will give the teenager a sense of responsibility and he or she would take his driving seriously because of that.