The Progressive Insurance Company Background and Success Story

Progressive Insurance Company is in the news. Why? Only because of their Progressive insurance commercial which has this great looking brunette playing Flo, the store’s cashier.

Without Flo, or Stephanie Courtney, would people outside of the US, and even those in the US, even start reading more about Progressive Insurance Company?

It’s absolute brilliance on the part of Progressive to highlight the girl. People from all over the world are now familiar with this company halfway around the globe from them. If the intention of Progressive Insurance Company is to go global, they are definitely doing their marketing in a most innovative and subtle manner.

And so, for the benefit of all those unfamiliar with company, but tremendously in love with Flo, here’s a little bit of background … on Progressive auto company.

Progressive Insurance Company is an auto insurance firm that reviews auto insurance from other providers against their own. They provide a comparative analysis for insurance on motorcycles, RVs, trucks, cars, and just about anything else you can get insurance on.

Started in 1937, today’s number 1 auto insurance website was created by Joseph Lewis and Jack Green. Their dream was to be able to provide affordable security and insurance to automobile owners. They were the first to ever offer installment payment schemes to their customers. This was an innovative way to protect vehicle owners in a way that was inexpensive and affordable.

After almost 15 years, they were so successful, they were able to upgrade their offices and move to the center of Cleveland. The growth of Progressive has been steady and amazing. Steady because they were able to withstand any outside threats in the industry, and amazing because they just kept improving their system, never stopping once in their dream to be Americans most reliable insurance company.

Today, Progressive Insurance Company is continues to be a driving force in the auto insurance business. Their motto, offer the customers the products and services they want – when they want it.