Vedic code is as old as ancient India, and beyond. But it was because of the man named Leonardo Fibonacci who was fascinated with the power of the first nine numbers of the Hindu-Arabic numerals including zero, which led to vedic code being introduced to the western world. Fibonacci was amazed how nine can represent any number and that it can actually make calculations easier. This is because when you add any number to 9, the result will be the sum that could add back to the original number. (9+7=16 which is 1+6= 7) So, these numbers are truly connected to each other and subsequently there’s a powerful pattern behind these numbers.

Vedic Codes originally came from the Vedic Mathematics used by the ancient Hindus to predict many things in life such as the weather, planetary effects, planetary cycles etc. This code is not only used for some tangible things but also to intangible things in this world. The basic concept is just these 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 makes a cycle related to life. There’s nothing at first (0), and then there’s birth(1), but everything ends(9). And the cycle repeats itself as 0 is the beginning and 9 is the end. Thus, 9 and 0 are connected, or could be the same. Just as when you put together the ends of a string to make a circle. So, these patterns gave the idea of the Vedic Wave Cycles. According to the Hindus, the energy of everything in this world could be measured or rated from 1-9. And these numbers will create vibrations and movements that could be positive or negative.

Thus this vedic code wave theory can be applied in the financial markets as different factors are being weighed and rated carefully by the investors and businesses to predict economic cycles or activity. These wave movements are being observed carefully by some investors, especially in the stock market. Just like when the stock market is going up or down in a particular period. However, time is another factor to consider when one is following a cycle. Sometimes, businessmen are setting a weekly, monthly, or yearly pattern. Time depends upon anyone’s perception as long as the cycle starts from point A to B. Therefore, time may or may not be relevant in the application of vedic code.

So, it is clear that the numbers from 1-9 can create different connections and movements that are actually vibrations that signals someone about something. Therefore, one can take advantage in the financial market using the Vedic Code wave Theory or the Vedic Wave Cycles. And that is how powerful Vedic Codes are, thanks to the ancient literature of India.